Powerful Goals

When you’re trying to make progress with a project or issue, a great goal is a vital starting point.  It can be all too easy to reel off things we want to do or to think we have the plan in our head.  Until we work on writing down crisp and clearly thought out plans, ideas can drift along endlessly.

SMART goals are a familiar and strong starting point.  Make sure your goals are;

Specific: If a goal is precise then it is far easier to plan steps towards achieving it.  Too vague and you risk not knowing when you’ve arrived.

Measurable: Decide how you want to measure when a goal is achieved.  This will also help with your motivation.

Achievable: If a goal feels unachievable ask yourself why.  Is it because it is something that is out of your control?  Or does it just need to be broken down into smaller steps? 

Relevant:  Make sure the goals have meaning to you.  Will they get you where you want to be? 

Time-bound:  Make your timings specific to be most successful; right down to the precise time and date you are aiming for.

SMART goals are a good place to start.  However, for the best chance of success, make sure your goals fit with the following principles.

Are they aligned with your values?  Ask yourself what is important to you and spend time working out the core values for your business or for how you wish to live your life.  Check that your goals will contribute to these and you will be far more motivated.

Review them on a regular basis.  Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and it will be easier to spot when you are drifting from them or when the effort you are putting in is contributing to something less important.  Where will you display your goals?  How will you make sure you see them at least daily?

Keep them positive.  Think what you do want and not about what you don’t want.

Spend time building a picture of what achieving your goals will look like.  Consider how it will feel, what the benefits will be to you, your business, your family.  Consider how it will feel not to achieve them and how that will impact on you.

In summary for powerful goal-setting make sure they are;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound
  • Aligned with your values
  • Regularly reviewed
  • Positive
  • Visualised

I wish you all the best with achieving your goals.  If you want support pinning down great goals and identifying your values give me a call.