Vision Boards

When you’re dreaming about making your life better or thinking about how you wish things were different, do you define it or let it float around as a “Someday I will…”?  One way of keeping your plans close is with a vision board.  A quick search on Pinterest will give you a wealth of examples from beautiful pieces of art to the more rough and ready. 

Why make a Vision Board?

Many studies point to the power of setting goals; people who write down their goals are 30% more likely to achieve them. 

If you put your plans somewhere where you will see them every day (ideally many times each day) your brain will keep working on them, even when you are busy doing other things.

The Law of Attraction; we attract into our lives what we focus on.  Make it positive and visualize it often!

Six Tips for Powerful Vision Boards

  • Choose what sort of board you will make.   Some of my clients have made screens using apps on their phones; these can then be set as a screensaver or wallpaper.  Others have made use of large pin boards or magnetic boards.  Choose what suits you best.
  • Where do you look most often? Think carefully about the location for your board; if you only look at it now and then, it won’t be as powerful.
  • If you’re making a physical board as opposed to an e-version, then spend some time gathering all the materials you will need.  Collect pictures that inspire you, items that represent a time when you were successful in the past and images or words that make your goals clear.
  • Make the actual assembly of your vision board an enjoyable event.  Set aside time, play the right music and concentrate on you.
  • Decide if your board is focusing on different aspects of your whole life such as career, finances, family, travel or just one specific area.
  • Think big, then think bigger.  Consider your biggest goals and intentions.  What is the ultimate aim?  Work backwards from that with where you plan on being in five years, one year, one month from now, next week.  Get the steps sorted and concentrate on just those. 

Successful people define what they want and focus on that vision.  A vision board could be just what you need.

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