Taking Bold Steps

Launching a new venture is daunting; expect moments of doubt, pain and plenty of procrastination.  Obviously it takes effort and the old adage, "no pain, no gain" fits well here.  

Writing this blog for North&Nimble's new website is the last step of the first journey. The next journey begins now with many exciting developments in the pipeline.   The key driver that has pushed me onwards has been a firm focus on the future and clarity around how life can be better - more on vision boarding at a later date.  For now, if you are trying to take bold steps, try using these questions...

What is stopping you making the leap?

What do you gain from keeping things the same?

What sacrifices might you have to make in order to get what you want?

What might you gain from moving out of your comfort zone?

How would that feel?

Contrary as it may seem from a coach, sometimes the time just isn't right to make these changes.  Making notes on what your gut feeling is telling you, will help.  If, however, the pull towards your changes is stronger than the desire to stay the same, then perhaps it's time to see a coach!

Marguerite Farmer