Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Here is a well-used model and one worth revisiting.  It is a way of representing our zones of learning and development.  Look at the centre circle; this is a place which can feel safe and familiar.  It's what we know best and how we perform without effort.  Sounds comfy, and although progress is feasible here, it can be a depressing place.  Little will change and it can be full of doubt and fear.

When we make huge changes, or when huge changes are forced upon us, we can feel as if we are in the panic zone.  Things can feel out of control.  We can suffer mental paralysis, and fear can cause us to feel overwhelmed.

The optimal position for growth and development is in the stretch zone. This is different for everyone; one person's panic is another person's stretch.  In Susan Jeffer's book "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" she included this powerful model.  


She suggests taking small 'risks' (nothing dangerous or illegal) which help you move from a position of comfort to power.  As we do this we expand our zone of comfort.

So, my coaching questions to you are...

Where are you on the comfort zone model?

What is that you want to achieve or be better at?

What risks can you take to help you expand your comfort zone?

How would it be if you were to make these changes?