Never mind the big plans. This is where you should really begin...

As 3rd January was the Festival of Sleep, my most recent social media theme was 'sleep' and this started me thinking.  Over Christmas I felt I had more sleep than I’ve had in a long time.  Whilst I had more sleep hours, they were spread over too many late nights, a few lie-ins and lots of naps on the sofa in front of films; it was wonderful!  Do I feel better for it? Actually, I was ready for another break as soon as the holiday was over. 

I’m not saying I should have done things differently, but it made it clear to me why I work so much better aiming for the same bed-time and morning alarm.  This led me to thinking about how to get the basics right...
At an extreme level it’s worth reminding ourselves of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.*  Reaching potential, being creative and personal growth are at the top of his pyramid.  Food, water and sleep are right there at the foundation.   I say ‘extreme’, as most of us are lucky enough to have a home and enough to eat and drink.  However, it is common to see people skipping meals, working through the night and not putting their health as a number one priority.

When we’re making plans and intentions for what to achieve next, it is worth starting with, ‘What do I need first?’   Then think through:

  • What basics am I missing? 
  • Whose needs am I placing above my own? 
  • What must be in place for me to operate at an optimum level? 
  • Where am I short-changing myself? 

Try making an agreement with yourself to plan in sleep, rest times, family/social time.  They don't need to be big changes but when you put these building blocks in first, everything else you want to achieve will be based on firm ground. 

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