How to Give Your Brain a Break

Our brains are amazing things.  Neuroscience has had a huge impact on goal achievement and coaching.

Take just one part of your brain – the pre-frontal cortex.  It is responsible for problem solving, decision-making, perception, motivation and will-power.  This is the part of your brain that is used for conscious thinking so it pays to help it along a little.

Some things to remember:

It uses a lot of energy and can tire easily.

It works better at interacting with information rather than storing information.

So, get ideas out of your head – make lists, mind-maps, visuals, talk about your ideas and draw sketches.

Find ways to block interruptions and create optimum conditions for focussed attention on the task at hand.

Plan opportunities to give your brain replenishment and down-time.  It will pay off.

When I’m coaching clients, I help them to use different ways to visualize and explore their goals and always build in strategies to help their brain work more effectively.  Call to book a complimentary 30 minute session to discover how coaching can help you (and your brain).